Create Effective Clerical Administrative Resume

If you want to get even an entry level clerical or administrative position these days you will need a resume for administrative clerical position sample. Fortunately creating an effective resume is a fairly simple task that a reasonably intelligent person should be able to complete fairly quickly.

Employers want to see resumes for such positions because the ability to create a resume shows that you are familiar with basic office procedures, writing and software. A person who can create a resume is capable of operating a computer and of creating effective office documents.

Creating an effective resume is often the first step in getting an administrative or clerical position. This means you should pay careful attention your resume and always be ready to change it in order to get a job.

Basic Requirements for an Effective Clerical or Administrative Resume

  • Error free. There should be no misspellings or other obvious errors in your resume. One error can give an employer a reason to throw out your resume.
  • Verifiable information. Never list information on a resume that can’t be easily verified. For example if you worked for an employer that no longer exists it might be a good idea not to list it.
  • Easy to read. Your resume should be very to easy to read, a person should be able to learn everything about in a glance.
  • Short. A good resume should be short. Only information directly related to the employment you are seeking such as experience, education and job skills should be listed. Shorter resumes are more likely to get read.

What You Should See on Your Sample Resume for Dlerical Administrative

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are writing a resume is to list too much information. This makes the resume too long and hard to read and gives perspective employers an excuse not to read it.

Restricting the data on your resume to essential information can make easier to read and more likely to get read.

Essential Information for an Administrative or Clerical Resume

  • Secondary education such as college or trade school. You don’t need to list high school education on a resume anymore.
  • Recent work history (within the past five years).
  • Job experience related directly to the position for which you are applying.
  • The names of office and administrative software that you know how to use such as Word, Excel, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Clerical skills that make you look good for example if you have a high speed list it. If you have a low typing speed, don’t mention your typing speed.
  • Office equipment that you operate. This can include computers, phone systems, copiers, scanners etc.
  • Experience in basic office tasks such as filing, mailing, copying, scanning, shipping and receiving, etc.
  • Experience in accounting including accounts payable & receivable.
  • Non college courses and training in business and administrative subjects that you’ve completed.
  • Business skills or capabilities that you have that can set you apart. If you are a Notary Public or you have experience as a professional writer list that. Anything that sets you out from the crowd can get you hired.
  • Industries or fields that you have knowledge or experience of. If you used to work for an insurance company or school list that. It sets you apart.